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Bliss University is back in business.... Virtual Business that is.  We are so happy to announce that we will be having our first ever Cricut 101 VIRTUAL CLASS on September 19th at 3 PM.   We have been offering classes since May of 2019 and we really loved it due to the pandemic challanges we had to put our physical classes on pause.  NOT TO WORRY, WE GOT THIS!  Virtual it is!!!!

So what's this all about?!?! Here's the scoop!  We will be offering an online live virtual class for beginners.  NO CRICUT NEEDED!!! 



This class is geared toward making a shirt on a Cricut from beginning to end. Using all the pro tips and techniques that we have learned through the years to easily create a shirt or any other items with heat transfer vinyl.


Jorge and May will teach the class live from beginning to end. You can take the class and learn how to make your own original creations.


Online of course :)


So you can finally use that Cricut you bought that is collecting dust without resorting to endless YouTube videos.  


Syllabus For Cricut Class: 

1- NEW design created by May just for this class.  

2- How to upload new design into Cricut and how to size design accordingly per shirt

3- How to cut various color designs

4- How to peel the vinyl (maybe a guest appearance by the grandmas)

5- How we organize our designs

6- How to find the perfect size and placement on a shirt

7- How to press AND LAYER the shirt.

8- Q and A with Jorge and May

Cost: $100

This will include the cost of the disposable parchment paper for pressing, flowy shirt and design, vinyl that will be used in making the shirt, along with any other materials needed that will be shipped to your home.   


ADD ONs:  In our physical classes we offer the opportunity to buy extra shirts and vinyl, blank bags and hats and many other items which we use to make shirts.  This is no different.  If you would like to purchase and extra starter packs or add ons we have added all the info on here and you can chose it from the drop down list and add to cart.

Add on's include:

Flowy tee starter pack (3 Flowy Tee):  1 gray flowy tee, 1 white flowy tee and 1 black flowy tee $45

Fitted V or Crew or Tank starter pack (1 of each):  1 gray, 1 white and 1 black. $30

Teflon Non-Stick Cover Sheet Triple Coated - $25

Siser Weeder - $20

Vinyl Packs:  All vinyl is Siser Brand

Matte Heat Transfer Vinyl Pack - includes 5 pieces of 12 X 15 Sheets (sheets will be in Black, White, Red, Royal Blue & Yellow.)  $25

Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl Pack - includes 5 pieces of 12 X 19 glitter sheets (Sheets will be in Black, White, Red, Royal Blue & Gold.)  $40

Metallic Matte Heat Transfer Pack - includes 3 pieces of 12 X 15 Matte sheets (Sheets will be in Gold, Rose Gold and Silver)  $20

Glitter Metallic Heat Transfer Pack - includes 3 pieces of 12 X 19 Glitter sheets (Sheets will be in Gold, Rose Gold and Silver)  $30