Cricut Class 101

Hi Guys,

It’s May.  I wanted to thank you sooooo much for all the interest in this class.  We started offering classes in and are now moving on to the 13th class.  We get asked so many questions every day and we are always happy to help, but we absolutely love to teach everyone hands on.  Jorge and I are super excited,  to share another aspect of our business with you.  We didn’t expect the volume of interest we have received and can only have 20 participants so we figured the only way to make it fair is to use this link.  It will be live Today at NOON.  There will be 20 spots available and once those are full we will not be able to accommodate any more spots at this time. 

PLEASE NOTE: You do not need to have a cricut in order to take the class. A lot of participants take it to see if they even want to make the investment on one or to just have fun on a Saturday afternoon with their friends 😘

CRICUT 101 Class - Making a shirt from beginning to end! 



May 2nd at noon

Here is some more info on the class.  Feel free to message us any time with any questions you may have.  



This class is geared toward making a shirt on a Cricut from beginning to end. Using all the pro tips and techniques that we have learned through the years.



Jorge and May will teach the class from beginning to end. You can take the class and learn how to make your own beautiful creations.



At our home in Miramar



So you can finally use that Cricut you bought that is collecting dust without resorting to endless YouTube videos.  


PLEASE BRING YOUR LAPTOPS AND ANY BEVERAGES YOU WOULD LIKE :)  Snacks will be provided by Vickey Bakery, Cafecito by Abuelita and May and Jorge’s favorite drinks.


Syllabus For Cricut Class:


1- NEW exclusive design created by May just for this class

2- How to upload new design into Cricut and how to size design accordingly per shirt

3- How to cut various color design

4- How to peel the vinyl (maybe a guest appearance by the grandmas)

5- How we organize our designs

6- How to find the perfect size and placement on a shirt

7- How to press AND LAYER the shirt on a heat press.

8- Q and A with Jorge and May


Cost: $100

This will include the cost of the flowy shirt and design, vinyl that will be used in making the shirt, along with any and all other materials needed.  Class will also include snacks by Vicky Bakery and refreshments.


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