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  • Hi..I texted you earlier about sizing and I am feeling overwhelmed as to how I should order and what designs. Could you help? I can tell you sizes and ages and maybe you could suggest different looks for different people. As mentioned earlier this is my parents 50th wedding anniversary and I would like the logo of that on the shirt ( on the back like you suggested) and I don’t want names except maybe for Grammy and Grampy on their’s? these are the sizes I need to fill…1 2xl (age 72) 3 men’s large, 2 men’s medium (ages 12 & 14), 1 woman’s XL, 1 woman’s large flowy tank, 1 woman’s medium flowy tank, 1 girl’s xlarge flowy tank, 1 girl’s x large fringe tank. I can’t seem to pull this together for Pirate night on our upcoming cruise.

    Cate Spearman

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